PPC Keyword Checklist

PPC Keyword Checklist

PPC  advertising for law firms can see, like a puzzle sometimes. The only  way to get real results is get your feet and adjust your campaign until  you get a steady flow of leads at a cost per conversion that makes sense  for your law firm.

Applying  PPC strategies is very much like applying strategies onto a game board.  Keep practicing these strategies until you get it right.

Daily PPC Checklist

· Check budgets daily

· Check your bids

· Check bid strategy

· Checking ad spending

· Check conversion rates

· Check click-through rates

· Check cost changes

· Pause or remove poor performing keywords

· Reviewing changes over past 3 days comparison

· Adjust bids for poor converting keywords

· Adjust bids for top performing keywords

· Check and monitoring keywords based on Ad groups

· Check and optimize keywords based on Ad groups

PPC Checklist Dental Keywords Marketing

Weekly PPC Checklist

· Add more relevant keywords

· Analyze conversion rates

· Analyzing non-performing keywords

· Assessing keyword performance in Ad groups

· Check that PPC ads are set to rotate evenly

· Check your ad copy for disapproved ads and typos

· Check your ad URLs

· Check your campaign settings

· Creating new PPC ads

· Pause non-performing keywords

· Remove duplicate keywords

· Remove non-performing keywords

· Removing poor-performing keywords

· Research and add negative keywords

Monthly PPC Checklist

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· Adjust bids

· Adjust keywords with low-quality scores

· Analyze performance of site links

· Analyze Quality Scores

· Check for broken site links

· Check poor visitor metrics

· Evaluate effectiveness of landing page

· Manage Display Network Networks

· Review ad positions

· Review campaign performance

· Review CTR numbers

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