Broad Match "+" Keyword Modifiers

What are "+" Broad match Modifier Keywords?

Broad match modifiers help control when your ad can appear for closely  related keywords. Broad match modifiers can help your keywords achieve a  higher clickthrough rate (CTR)  with a more targeted audience, which in turn can help your site get  more paying customers or other conversions. This article explains how to  set up broad match modifiers.

Broad Match Modifiers Dental Keywords Marketing

How to Add Broad Match Modifiers for Keyword Phrases

Broad match modifiers only work when they’re used with broad match keywords. To increase clicks and conversion rates that can result from phrase or exact match keywords, try creating a separate ad group, and adding the corresponding modified broad match keyword for each phrase or exact match keyword.

Exact keyword phrase Modified broad match equivalent

"buy blue suede shoes"

"purchase blue suede shoes"

"shop suede shoes"

+buy +blue +suede +shoes

+purchase +blue +suede +shoes

+shop +suede +shoes

"blue suede shoes"

"suede blue shoes"

"suede shoes blue"

+blue +suede +shoes"

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